Simulation unit for endovascular surgery

Industrial design for the Vist G5 and control box for Mentice.

The work was carried out while working at a consultancy.

Description from Mentice website:

"The Mentice VIST® G5 Simulator is a portable high-fidelity endovascular simulator enabling hands-on procedural training for clinicians and medical professionals.

The VIST® G5 is the latest generation of Mentice endovascular simulators. With a modern design and stacks of technical improvements, it brings ease-of-use and simulation realism to the next level.

The modules include a wide variety of training scenarios to challenge the learner’s technical skills, clinical decision-making abilities, and procedural proficiency.

The VIST® G5 includes the VIST Control Box, providing new functionality and improved usability to all Mentice training modules."