A kit to build and deliver non-linear screen presentations.

Winston was a student project that explores physical interfaces that enables keynote presenters to read their audience and adapt their presentations in the moment.

Winston is a presentation solution that consists of a web application, an iPad app, a que reader, digital que cards and action tokens.
Winston presentations are built in the Winston web app where slides are linked to que cards. A printable PDF for que cards is exported from the web and printed on adhesive paper and stuck onto the cards. The que reader prompts slides to be shown on screen by touching que cards to the que reader.
The iPad app works like a teleprompter and is in charge of time management. The action items help the keynote speaker to organise future events like 'questions on this slide - I'll get back to that one later' or 'Ill skip this for now as it might become relevant later'.

Happy to send through portfolio on request!